Footprints in the sand

Footprints along the beautiful shore,
What has been swept away
will never return, take them as a lesson
to learn, when new waves are set
to roll in, with incoming tide, slowly
eliminating scars that were there for ages,
untouched, or too painful to reminiscent,
worry not if it were to revisit, they
can be venomous and hideous, but trust
the process of inner healing, where
you’ll find peace and serenity.

One day, if I would to find love again,
knowing that it will never be perfect,
I look to you as our hands in grasp,
Technicolour sky is to witness us
reciting the sacred vow,
the time has come to no more
building sand castle among the clouds,
but to celebrate these two hearts
that once were neglected and lost
where we can finally call home,
journeying as one, and tattooing
endearment and memories together.


Deborah Wong, Selangor.