How To Contribute Your Poems

Step #1: Ensure that your poem(s) is/are written in Word or PDF format. Alternatively, your poem(s) can be written in the email itself as well.

Step #2: Ensure that you provide the following details:

  • State you’re from;
  • Any image you wish to attach with your poem;
    • Note that all images must be original. If images are not original, please provide the source link of the image to avoid copyright issues
  • The category you wish your poem to be listed under; and
  • Any specific format (eg: alignment) you prefer your poem to be in.

Step #3: Email your poem(s) to:

Step #4: Await our reply within 2-4 weeks

Step #5: See your poem(s) be posted on our site and your name be listed under the list of contributors!