The Eagle

O! How I was that eagle!

The skies of volatile moods a circle

No matter the changing hues my skyway

Care I not to mount the wind my way

I will climb the steps the clouds so temperamental

To tame the changing swirls a whip of far reach able

Gather them my wings spanning so colossal

To my racing heart so monumental

Exhilaration my armoured chest fills

To brave the breathless wind chills

To soar the thunder storms with unbridled courage

A thunder bolt my wilful carriage

The higher and higher I soar upwards

The further and further I’ll be from this material world

My living there is one of much expect

My breathing stifled with hopes dashed

I’ll follow the striped colours seven rainbow

To glide down to swoop my pot of gold

With my talons razor sharp

I’d pry open the minds

To those who feed off others finds

With my curved beak a knife gleaming

I’ll pick the brains of greed crawling

With my keen vision I’ll spy

On the crafty workings of thoughts defile

Save mankind moments of turmoil

Of the likes of Man so vile

Craggy cliffs my kingdom come

Harder I scale the sturdier I


To break the wind and ride it strong

To the legends of strength I belong

Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak.