Unforever us

I don’t fear love
but the loneliness
that may follow
if this love doesn’t last
forever, as promised
if I don’t do the deeds
deemed “right”.
I’m learning to love you
but you expected me
to know how to.
– Written by Anntidote –


The Deep End

The curse thumps from within my chest
wretched poison spread
its perimeter to meet her.
My emerald-eyed ravens circle this martyr
lusting for the supple youth
her heart still bleeds.
She leaves her coast to wade
past posts that probe
the integrity of her passion for me.
With stifled breaths, I stand in angst
she doesn’t know it yet
no one’s survived where she wades.

Written by

Long waiting

 A long, long time of waiting. A short, short time of losing. I don’t want it to happen. I love you so much that I can't afford to lose you. I don’t want to give up all of me just because you lied to me about your love, your sincerity. I don’t want anything else, just your loyalty and tender.
  The fire is burning.
  Please, don’t put it off.

NUSA, Johor


Whatever crashed you

You were able to move past it

That’s natural. We recover. We get damaged

And then we rebuild

I couldn’t rebuild. I don’t even think I want to rebuild 

I was shattered and maybe it was best to keep me that way. 


Sumayyah Jaafar Ali



Hidden behind the Botox and face mask;
A modern taboo, sensitive to ask.
It involves more than figures and numbers;
A trip ride you forget and remember.
Changes and transformation all the way;
Pray to stay at best, nature cannot sway.
More fear than death, aging is a stigma;
Terror on mirror, trauma is drama.
Age is as old as you are, felt or think;
Peeling vanity, live to shine or sink.
The body does not aged and fall the same;
Face is young, energy decline, knee lame.
Wig, dentures, hearing aids, and walking frame;
Aging well is living, no shame in game.
Dr. KH Lim.


When times get tough,
Just remember, it is 'time' that teaches us the most valuable lessons & helps us grow,
We always want more,
Nothing less.
Sometimes, we ruin what we already have,
By searching for something that we don't need,
Why? It is because we are only humans,
Dissatisfaction is always our best enemy, it's too close,
Nothing we get is enough,
And we fail to realise…

Who are we? A sinner who is probably gonna sin again..
Alhamdulillah for everything.
It is such a blessing & why should we question?
We are perfect in our imperfections.
We are beautiful in imperfections.
He's the best Creator & it is beyond perfection.



Say you love me,
Say you won’t let go –
I’m too dependent on you,
Too attacked, not too light,
I’m heavy baggage, I know;
But you’re the only one whom I trust,
To carry me on your shoulders.
I’m a little child,
I can barely see beyond the lines,
So how would I know what hurts you,
When I’m the hurt all the time?
I know I am but a fool,
There are people who treat you better,
They can give you comfort and everything,
While I can only write letters –
If you go, I will try to understand,
Even I can’t love myself,
So how can I think you can?

Sky Wei