The Lotus Pond

The silence of the Lotus pond if it be amplified
Busier than the busy train station of Harry Potter to vie
The profuse activity of the calm scene abide
The hustle bustle of the traffic surround the pond site

Mindless persons to the serenity of the pond blind
A greater cause a scurrying to find
A quagmire of the emotions of life if we resign
A solace to seek in the grace of the Lotus divine

The seed embedded in the thick murky mud
To sprout triumphant against all odds
Rise high above the forlorn waters, so proud
Challenge the sun its brilliance to gush out

Its strong stem tall astanding
Cup like petals the dew drops drinking
A maiden’s pure beauty of pink hues radiating
None the mud adhere to its glorious nobility

Greedy weeds encroach her muddy territory
To usurp her throne so sparkling
In warfare trained her hand maids of leaves
Their weaponry water drops of sunbeams reflecting

On intricately woven veins on the leaves
Liquid diamonds on the smooth surface dancing
Sits a green frog its tongue rolled in
A jittery mosquito in flight azapping

A forest of roots of a tangled maze
Swift darting little fishes weave about in haste
Blackish brown tadpoles in changes of various stages
Swim in a food haven of mosquito larvae

In this playing field the detritus bottom of the pond thriving
Are voracious naiads the dragonfly’s offspring
From wingless nymphs to whirring dragonflies of four wings
Of heart stopping iridescent colours emerging

Under a canopy of soft white clouds sheltering
Overlook lovingly a kingdom of subjects teeming
To pay homage to the brave warrior queen
Born of murk and mire this exquisite beauty

She’s an aspiring expression of surviving
To rise above any circumstances with eloquent dignity
The imagination throughout the ages a capturing
The Lotus is a metaphor of living

The mud symbolizes the quandary of existing
The Lotus seed our courage in waiting
The water , life’s goodness in fluidity
The Lotus flowering a triumph over our suffering !

By: Mariam  Bee,Ipoh,  Perak