He tries his best.
You stir his reasons
in your cappuccino and sip
the warmth fills you but
you’re not content
because he’s missing
from here, you are frames
in the front window, alone
holding onto a drained cuppa
but is it his fault
that his best isn’t good
enough for you?
Will it do?
– Written by Anntidote –



Emptiness is everywhere
When you are not here
Being with you is what I desire
Together with your loyalty and tender.

NUSA, Johor.

The Deep End

The curse thumps from within my chest
wretched poison spread
its perimeter to meet her.
My emerald-eyed ravens circle this martyr
lusting for the supple youth
her heart still bleeds.
She leaves her coast to wade
past posts that probe
the integrity of her passion for me.
With stifled breaths, I stand in angst
she doesn’t know it yet
no one’s survived where she wades.

Written by


Let’s meet at our playground a bit sooner,

Just for a bit sooner,

You’ll bring your guitar with your mellow voice,

And I’ll bring my ears and my cheeky smile,

You’ll ask what I did today,

And I’ll ask what you’ll do tomorrow,

You’ll argue about something I mentioned about,

And I’ll argue about something you thought about,

But in between all these, 

With the sound of our laughs combined,

With the scars of our past embraced,

We’ll stay oblivious to the hurricanes around us,

Before sunrise, sunset and midnight,

Just for a bit longer,

Let’s stay at our playground a bit longer.


Nun Najmeen, KL

Say my name (We’ll deal with this like adults)

And when you look in the mirror
the one beside your bed
your lips will part
but you'nll have nothing good to say to it
hello? goodbye? please,they've taught you better manners than that
bring out the spare mattress
or let me sleep in your bed
it doesn't matter
that your feet is lead
your grandma always told you 
as it would,will and always 
not be a good idea
cause you'd see the things under your bed
and you'll promise her that you'll or you'd sleep like the dead
but when you look in the mirror
when your feet are cold and the lights are out
when the sheets are rumpled and it's raining out
oh darling my dear
won't you say my name 
just until the sky clears
and we'll be okay again

Chia Ching Gouh, Kedah


I see

the fear in my father’s eyes

as he beheld the world fall,

as he screams through

the wall,

and starts to lose it all.
I see

the fear in his eyes

when he gives me

an hour’s worth

of lecture

as he tries to

tell me to do

His pain

he does not keep;

he has kept his hurt in

for far too long

He sees

the world around me


as buildings topple

over one another

and he sees

my position

under the rubble.
He weeps

as he predicts the day

I die

by sword or by stone.

He unleashes his wrath of


he’s been through
“Don’t die, son.

Keep staying alive.

Keep breathing,

keep moving,

keep working 

to survive.”
I see

the fear in my father’s eyes

as he beheld the world fall

He does not want me 

to lose it all

He does not want me

to lose.
“Survive, son.”

It’s okay, Pa.

Don’t worry.

I’ll live.


Aaron J. Patrick, KL