Meditating behind musky pages
submerged in the murky depths
of Marketing 101, flick
my finger upon tongue
to fli yet another
when a tap roused me to turn
and face a caramel macchiato smile
behind the tiramisu cheesecake.
– Written by Anntidote –


The Deep End

The curse thumps from within my chest
wretched poison spread
its perimeter to meet her.
My emerald-eyed ravens circle this martyr
lusting for the supple youth
her heart still bleeds.
She leaves her coast to wade
past posts that probe
the integrity of her passion for me.
With stifled breaths, I stand in angst
she doesn’t know it yet
no one’s survived where she wades.

Written by


Hidden behind the Botox and face mask;
A modern taboo, sensitive to ask.
It involves more than figures and numbers;
A trip ride you forget and remember.
Changes and transformation all the way;
Pray to stay at best, nature cannot sway.
More fear than death, aging is a stigma;
Terror on mirror, trauma is drama.
Age is as old as you are, felt or think;
Peeling vanity, live to shine or sink.
The body does not aged and fall the same;
Face is young, energy decline, knee lame.
Wig, dentures, hearing aids, and walking frame;
Aging well is living, no shame in game.
Dr. KH Lim.

Another try

I said " I want to give us a try. "
I hesitated for 4 days
With only honesty in my heart
I thought I could have a better love
But, what is a better love?
A hunky guy? A guy with the sweetest melody? A guy so bad I could fall head over heels?
I don't know how to answer my own question 
There was a moment where I thought 
It doesn't matter if the both of us couldn't find our beautiful ending together
It doesn't matter if we parted ways with a heart that broke terribly 
As long as I get the chance to love you
A chance to be loved by you
A mere second of happiness
I could trade everything and anything for it
For that one of a lifetime love

By, Sumayyah Jaafar Ali, Penang


Standing all alone today,
Laughing stock, I am to the world,
Trust me that one fine day,
My bundle of joy will arrive to the world.
Your tiny little toes and fingers,
I’ll get to touch one day,
Your cutest cries and laughter,
I’ll get to hear one day.
The journey of nine months,
Will be treasured forever,
Thinking you as burdens,
I will never.
I’ll have fallen for you,
Not knowing your face and gender,
The day I get to carry you,
It’ll be a wonderful thing for me to ponder.
You are a dream for now,
A dream come true you will be,
I may not be a mother now,
God’s willing, one day I’ll be.

Vasugi d/o Baskaran

Hunger in Faith

Looking at the clouds all so cloudy on a gloomy day,
Hoping for rain nor yearning for a sunny day,
Staring at the sky, resembling my thoughts of the day,
Seems to trigger a glimpse of a rainbow during midday,
With joy in my heart, I turned to the father, the mighty of all,
Looking up to the sky hoping that my prayer would climb the wall,
Listening to the whispers around me saying this was never your call,
Pulling me up with dreams that achievement only comes after a fall.
Walking on the path that you had left behind,
Made the realize that you had so much strength in your mind,
Simply because I've have seen strokes and pain said that’s your faith line,
Left a fear in me to even watch any of your videos on rewind.
No pain no gain it seems, but it’s incomparable to what you've done,
I still stand here with my heart, hands and mentally all empty and torn,
Down on my knees, hands together, head’s bowed to serve only you,
After all in the end, its either you’re coming to me, or I'm coming to you.
As I stand before you in hunger and the soul still bare,
The heart still sojourns tentative and in despair,
The journey may be long neither here, there or anywhere,
Life's stays a mystery from the last breath and until I reach there.

Alvina Lourdes Sugathan, KL.

Soul Promise

My soul grieves
for a soul;
a life lost,
to the world,

The world,
this life
full of pressure
she cannot keep.

So she frees
her soul,
for her soul
to cling to a 

He tries
to stand on 
the soles of
his feet

O how
he stumbles
and falls

But how he
bears, for
a life to be 
shared with
a soul that
clings to his soul.

This spirit
from memory,
calls to his
bitter aid.

And as if
not even God
can save him,
he is bound,
to the promise 
he made.

O how my soul
grieves for
his soul!
And as he grieves
and weeps for
his own

It's far too late now.

between two dimensions
a chain.
'Til he fulfills 
the promise made
to her.

A promise
for a dead soul.

– Aaron J. Patrick, KL