Tell me something pleasant,

Soothe me with your words,

Comfort me with your presence,

‘cause nothing could be better than

your smile on your face.


Here, I am, standing,

Awaiting your coming,

With a heart that is still hoping,

Full of questions, wondering.

Here, I am, listening,

To the voice of my soul, shouting.


Days have passed.

Months changed to years.

Years, after years.

So long, it has been,

Till come the day, I surrender,

In waiting, I am giving up,

For you, is nothing.

Wound you left,

Still here isn’t healing.


Here, I am telling,

Words of my soul.


By: Nadd Mahmud, Terengganu





I can’t promise that

I would always be there

each time you need me.


I can’t give you a hope

that one day, I would

come and save your day.


I can’t say ‘I love you’ for

so many times because

I realise that words

would be forgotten.


I can’t make a vow that

I would always be perfect

For you, for us.


But one thing I can guarantee is,

I would always be in your mind,

your memories in the past,

now and in the future.



I am so certain,

‘us’ would last, forever.


By: Nadd Mahmud, Terengganu



Noisy Noise

This  incessant  chatter  in  your  head
This  noisy  voice  relentlessly chase
Of  this  of  that  and everything else  that  matters  not
A  chat  with  a  mind  of  its own  run  a  course
Stories  that  it  spins
a  perplexed  knot
A  spin  here  a  spin  there,
a  messy  thought
The  clarity  of  thought,
spun  with  old  yarn
This  cloth  of  tattered emotions  well  worn
An  approach  sought,  not  at all  of  light
Too  much  clamour  mounts  of  dizzying  height
We  wear  ourselves  out  this incoherent  ramble
Goes  on  and  on,  a  flicker  not  the  end  of  the  tunnel
Boy  Oh  boy!  We  wish!
Oh  we  wish!
This  noise  will  shut  down with  a  swish!
Stop!  A  halt  to  our  runaway thoughts
A  wagon  of  wild  horses loaded  with  distraught
The  link  of  a  never  ending chain, a  clunk   a  clunk
A  heaviness  of  which
a  chunk, a  chunk!
The  well  thought  story  of dramatic turn
Of  nail  biting  suspense  the end  conjured
We  the  storyteller,  we  the awed  audience
The  storyline  so  thin,  it  lost its  radiance
Spice  it  up  with  some bygones,  throw  in  something new
We’ll  have  the  perfect  recipe for  a  sticky  brew!
A  dull  tow   a  vibrating  recital
Goes  round  and  round  a whirring  cycle
A  cleansing  ritual  needed  of haste
For  peace  to  descend  of  this muddled  head
A  mind  emptied  into  a  sewer of  waste
Float  to  a  land  of  no  return​,
away!  away!
Silence  of  death  resonate  the mind
Quietude  of  depth  a  clarity find
Relevance  of  think  is  our  only  need
Sieve  out  the  groupies  clinging!
Too  much  noise  our thought defines
An  escape  from  this breathless  whines
Empty  our  thoughts  to  quiet servitude
To  ourselves  a  peaceful attitude!
By  Mariam  Bee,Ipoh,  Perak

Misty Mist

A  haloed  circle  the  mist surround  the  peaks

An  ethereal  vision  the  dawn’s awake  so  meek



As  she  tip  toes  gently  lest the  mist’s  caress  of  the emerald  hills

The  Sun’s  startling  rays  the gauzy  shroud  lift



Nature’s  cuppa  for  the  early morning’s  guests

The  promise  of  another  day after  a  night’s  rest



Of  moisture  in  the  morning air  suspend

Glad  tidings  she  brings, dewdrops  dense



Each  leaf  a  generous sprinkling  of   gems  liquid

As  she  dances  a  slow  dance,  a  mysterious  lady



Over  the  hills,  thick  foliage peek  through  the  mist

Above  the  lake  the  mist ponders  as  she  stood  still



Should  she  merge  with  the lake’s  waters  and  explore  the murky  bottom

Or  join  her  sister  clouds  in the  skies  with  their  curly perm



Alas!  The  moment  has passed  her  dreamy  wonder!

The  sun’s  rays  tickle  her drops  to  rise  yonder



Where  hover  she  would pregnant  with  dew

To  birth  in  the  wee  hours with  the  joy  due



To  thirsty  Nature  their upturned  face

The  moisture  their  parched lips  taste!



By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak



My Pal

A  steadfast  pal,
my  friend  Faith
The  best  company  to  keep instead
Of  friends  who  vanish  the earth’s  surface
To  re emerge  when  the  storm  blows  away
She  held  me  tight when  I made  a  desperate  escape
To  slip  into  a  melancholic state
A  gasp  of  air  in  the  tides  of self-pitying  waves
Life’s  drowning  swirls  my  soul  she  saved
She’s  my  lifeguard  as  she sits  high  a  watchful  gaze
A  bosom  pal  mindless  my sorry  state
Her  fingers  she  runs  through my  ruffled  pain
To  soothe  this  troubled  head
Soft  whispers  to  assuage  my confused  daze
A  gust  of  gentle  breeze  to clear  my  foggy  brain
She  parked  herself  at  my very  gate
To  help  me  with  my skirmishes  of  fate
As  she  held  me  back  a  stern  dissuade
From  tripping  into  the  pit  of desolate
She  kept  me  strong  and brave
Head  on  the bull’s  horn  to take
A  step  at  a  time  each problem  to  face
To  believe  in  the  strength born  innate
Kept  me  steady  on  a  path straight
Lest  I  take  a  crab’s  walk astray
If  I  be  trapped  in your wayward  twin, Faithless ‘s ways
To  live  in  a  topsy  turvy  realm  of  dismay
Dear  Faith, stay  with  me forever, pray!
Guide  me  and  be  my  best friend  always!

By:  Mariam  Bee,Ipoh,  Perak

Cinderella’s Pumpkin

A  brooding  mind  a  higher cause  define

For  every  answer  ten questions  incline

A  hurried  stroll  of  patience  to  perfection  find

Disbelief  that  all  will  fall peacefully  in  their  confine

A  want  of  a  wand  to  change the  design

Cinderella’s  pumpkin  to  a coach  fine

A  pumpkin  is  a  pumpkin  a warranted  resign!

None to  be done  but  a  gentle nudge a  forward  run

No  magical  eraser  to  erase this  drawing  drawn

No  Rogers- Hammerstein  to fine  tune  this  song

All  the  raves  and  rants  a tiresome  outcome

Be  it  as  it  is, it  will  outrun  its  long  course  of  find

Away,  away  your  questioning mind

Be  at  peace,  all  be  in  place in  time

Every  action  an  equal  and opposite  reaction, water its  level  find

The  balance  of  the  world  will be  righted  from  its  wrong

Of  victims  drown  in  the deluge  of  mistakes  yours  or mine

Before  this  experiment  is  put to  its  final  round!


By  Mariam  Bee, Ipoh,Perak





I  trust  the  Sun  which  rays  so  generously  shine
I  trust  the  clouds  the  water bearers  up  beyond
I  trust  the  Moon’s  guiding light  the  ebony  pathway  find
I  trust  not  a  voice  that promises  lies  so  profound


I  trust  the  gentle  breeze which  soothe  my  burning cheeks
I  trust  the  rain  which  splatter my  window  pane  streak
I  trust  the  rushing  creek which  long  for  the  sea
I  trust  not  a  mind  so  devious  and  cunning


I  trust  the  brush  which colours  the  rainbow  seven
I  trust  the  milky  foams which caress  the  sandy  haven
I  trust  the  endless  blue ocean  to  the  horizon
I  trust  not  sweet  laced  envy  hidden


I  trust  the  miracle  of  flowers born
I  trust  the  busy  honeybees as  they  sip  nectar  some
I  trust  the  soft  powdery wings  of  butterflies  winsome
I  trust  not  this  grand portrayal  so  loathsome!



By:  Mariam  Bee,Ipoh,  Perak