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Puteri Eleni, founder of MAPS.



Previously we announced on Facebook that our reading would be on the 25th March 2017, but, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we postponed it to 2nd April 2017.

We hope to see you! We do apologise for any inconveniences.

9th MAPS Reading Session

9th MAPS poster

Hi Guys!!

We have some exciting news to announce!

The Malaysian Poets Society (MAPS) is proud to announce that we shall be organising our 9th poetry reading session!

Mark your calendars and join us in the fun!

Date: 2nd April 2017
Time: 4 pm to 6 pm
Place: The Flame, Subang Square, Subang Jaya, SS 15.

You may participate by reciting a poem at the event or just coming to watch!

To register as a poem reciter, please follow and take note of the following matters:

1) Email to malaysianpoetssociety@gmail.com
– Name
– Contact Number
– Poem

2) Await for our reply to confirm your slot as a registered reciter on the day of the event.

3) Please note that all participants (Both reciters and observers) would be required to pay RM 11 on the day of the event as food and drinks will be provided.

4) For participants who have successfully booked a slot to recite their poem on the day itself, please do not pull out at the very last minute. The amount of food and drinks that will be ordered, as well as the time slots will be affected if people were to pull out at the very last minute.

5) For further updates, do follow us on our:




-Event Page

We cannot wait to hear your poems on the day of the event and thank you so much for being a part of MAPS!

Art of Destiny

In the brightest time during the day,
She stood with the coldest, speechless heart,
Her heart was crying and blaming her mind,
Walking through the crowd with an umbrella,
An umbrella of bad lucks and painful thoughts,
Seeing the crowds contented like in Hobbiton,
But she still moving forward and painted a smile,
She painted the prettiest smile with the darkest blood,
Rain fell and washed all away,
Leaving the pain to be scarred,
And the smile faded to the ugliest truth,
She cried and begged, kneeling there,
‘Cause she was too desperate asking for the smile she used to wear,
But this world is just so unfair,
Letting her to live in despair,
Maybe there’s nothing to be repaired,
‘Cause the art of destiny has left her there.


By: Siti Nurzubaidah Binti Mohamed Anuar, Malacca.



If memory was a song,
I would write your name there,
On that very first day,
The day that I saw you,
You being you and me being me,
Wind blew my scarf off gently
Like how you blew me off and held my attention,
Attended the warmness of the day in the afternoon,
At the beach where it linked the river and the sea,
Seemed like us,
Linked emotionally, indirectly for each other,
I felt there was something I must say but I didn’t,
Time was and still ticking,
Left us behind of a year ago,
Portraying you just like that fine day with the calmness of the breeze,
Like how I did for my every pieces of art,
And you still remain there close and deep in my heart,
Just like those songs that I keep on listening till the day of new tomorrow
It’ll stay forever right there
Just like that one song as it supposed to be.
By: Siti Nurzubaidah Binti Mohamed Anuar, Malacca.




Weekend Lover

You are my weekend lover
You will only love me during Saturday
you will only miss me during Sunday
And leave me from Monday to Friday

I really wish
You could love me everyday
I would trade anything
to make you miss me everyday
By: Iesya Zamri, Melaka.



Masih ingat pertemuan pertama kita?
Secara tak sengaja kita bertegur
Hanya dengan satu teguran
Kau hulur salam perkenalan

Masih ingat pertama kali kita berborak?
Agak kekok
Kerana saat itu baru bermulanya
Ikatan perkenalan antara kita

Masih ingat saat kita bercerita tentang semua?
Kita berkongsi pelbagai cerita
Tanpa satu rahsia
Bercerita seolah tiada hari esok

Masih ingat saat kita luang masa?
Matahari menjadi saksi
Pantai menjadi mata untuk semua kenangan itu
Walau mungkin hanya untuk seketika

Kini semua itu hilang
Hilang dibawa pergi
Oleh silap yang aku mulakan sendiri
Kau pergi mencari jawapan mengubat hati
Sedang aku?
Berharap kau beri peluang sekali lagi.

Di mana kau berada,
Dengan siapa kau bersama,
Semoga hari kau baik baik sahaja
Dan jumpa jawapan yang kau cari.

Saat bila mana segalanya terjawab,
Datang lah kembali,
Aku ada di sini,
Setia di sini.

Oleh: Mikayla, Johor.



The white sparkle shining so bright,
That stunningly gleams in the black night;

The radiant light to guide your way,
During the utmost darkest of days.

A cluster of memories,
Both bitter and sweet;

A twinkling clear hope,
Visible through a telescope.

A star is what it’s called,
A wish is what I see;

But the only stars I need,
Are in the eyes in front of me.

By: Anis Nadhirah, Selangor.