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Puteri Eleni, founder of MAPS.


I remember one day someone I’ve met

Told me a story hard to forget

Asked me how well do I sleep at night

And if it’s true that bed bugs bite?

She said :

I spend my night looking at the moon

but sometimes the clouds come way too soon

I spend my night counting stars

but sometimes I count my daylight scars

I would sit the blow of the midnight breeze

but sometimes it’s so cold, I might freeze

I’ve given up on the thought of counting sheeps

I’ve counted millions but still no sleep

I’d sing a love song for the sky

and for myself, a lullaby

To whom you think should I put the blame?

so many nights can’t sleep can’t dream

Could the dream to dream be only a dream

But from sleepless night and dreamless wake

I have finally taught myself to dream and be awake

Farhan Ejat, Sabah


Freedom was a virtue unknown,
Until your vice crossed my path.
That carefree feeling taken for granted,
Vanished when you revealed your wrath.

The bracelet you picked out,
One I’ve proudly shown,
“Only the finest silver”,
The prettiest handcuff I’ve known.

The gemstone on my throat,
A finely fitted necklace,
Almost as perfectly as your fingers,
When they’re often interlaced.

Twenty-four carats and rose gold,
Drawing (and breaking) hearts as it glistens,
If freedom is a virtue now known,
I must be in the world’s richest prison.

Esther Kuok May Yan, Kuala Lumpur

Rain Rain Go Away

Rain rain go away

Come again another day

Come in June or come in May

But please don’t come, not today

Rain rain go away

you’re taking daylight away

let children run and play

Instead of staying home all day

Rain Rain Go away

You’re taking all the smiles away

People hope and people pray

That you will finally stop one day

Rain Rain Go Away

It’s too wet now here and there

Had enough rain for today

I’m getting cold, and so are they

Rain Rain if you may

Listen to what I have to say

If you’re still coming down today

Pour lightly but please, don’t stay

There’s nothing left to wash away,

by Farhan Ejat
from Ranau, Sabah

Snow Day 

It was snow day.

It was the first of the many,

And it was the children that were most jolly.

So to the outside they went,

To the snow they felt,

It was white as cloud, soft as a pillow,

but never cold enough to get inside.

The angels came to visit,

they were tall, they were short,

they were there to mark the snow day.

Then came a man, with smile that rocks,

Whose nose was pointy, whose hands were stiff,

but a body so white, so round, it was never criticised.

So the children played all day,

with the man and the angels.

But the best part of snow day,

was drinking hot chocolate and
listening to carols.

Nabihah Ab. Rahim, Negeri Sembilan.

The Race

What is of this world so full of race

Our steps two instead of one pace

Some three to as much as accumulate

Fame and fortune a stifling haste

The sunshine to make hay, to make hay!

Horseshoes tied to the feet gallop ahead

Unknowingly trotted feelings of break

In the race to gain as much space

God’s bestowal of grace, this

very minute to taste

Savoured not the joy of time in this hurried chase

Count of the next and next second to brace

The imagined worst of fortunes to sway

A breath held too timid to exhale

The moments awareness, of fail to inhale

Lost the moment to the heavens escape

A moments loss is a loss of get away

Realms of search a hopeless waste

The natural self suppressed in the next moment gain

Of society’s expectations an act feigned

A showmanship lifelong an unrealised ordain

We to be blamed when feel not this instance of gain

The Now is the very essence of our life’s stay!
By Mariam Bee

Ipoh Perak


My flower.
I dreamt about you last night.
When the the stars scintillating the night sky,
When you could feel the cold breeze in your skin.
You held me like you never want to let me go.
I traced my fingers at your back like its a map to our own forever.
But i never land anywhere.
You put your head on my chest, listening to my heartbeat.
I hope you can listen to what im trying to say to you in my heart but it does not make a sound.
You lifted up your head and your eyes met mine.
I put my fingers in your hair, you said your sorry. “Nevermind, take care of her.” I said.
Then you cried.
I can slowly feel you unwrapped your arms around me.
I know you wont come back anymore and i know this dream would be the last message you sending.
We will not see each other anymore.
I will never feel the warmth of your body when we hold each other close.
Your lips will taste like someone else.
Your heart are not mine to  keep.
Someone else is taking care of you.
When you’re sad, she will pour some water so you can grow to be as happy as others,
when you’re at your weakest time,
My dear she will add more seeds for you to grow even more stronger.
When you have nothing to hold on,
Believe me, she will open those curtains,
Place you outside beneath the sunlight,
Because my flower,
My dear flower you need the sun to breath.
Just like i need you to be happy.
So i let you go.
Take care my flower.
You will never wilt in my mind.
By: Wumniverse, Selangor.
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