She was innocent and pure

It was her first love

Thought he’ll be the one.




He is a psychopath

Won’t let her go out


Told her sweet lies

But cursed her in heart

He wants nothing but lust

So they did not last


Fondness turned into violent

Love became hate

He is a monster in disguise


Poor little girl

Her first love was a disaster

But she is much stronger now

More careful in love

Won’t fall for second.

Nur Fatihah Mohd Arnawi, Melaka

A Night- A Chance

Clock chimes five

she sways from the steam

bundled in white towels

she sashays as

Ella Fitzgerald croons

readying for the scene.


She snips the price tag

off her dress and

slips into her emerald sheath

tipping her heels she

slides her toes in

a matte maroon match.


Fingers curl round

an ebony stick

she swipes NARS Bette on

her puckered lips

now, the moment

all women dread

with great care and

agile fingers ready

slow and steady, she

draws a flick



Last check

‘Yes, good enough’

she snags her

copper coat and clutch

and struts into

the night – a chance

to fulfill her daydreams

when her date comes calling.



Anntidote, Puchong, Selangor.

Silly Thoughts of Cloud

Clouds are Nature’s gentle to the harsh realities below
Clouds are dreamer ‘s imagination untold
Wildest thoughts make of the clouds, tales of bold

Are they ballerinas pirouetting on their toes?

Layers of white gauze trim their slim waist

A perfect twirl in their fluffy gowns make
Or are they Little Bo Beep’s sheep lost in the scene above

She’s searching for them, puffy whites on the blue turf
Be they Cinderella’s carriage racing to meet the midnight stroke

Brilliant white stallions hooves thunder while their mouths froth
Could they be snowfields of faraway land

Icy territories where no man stand 
Or they be Greek goddesses powdering their nose

White dust swirl in their jealous show
Could they be white candy floss of yummy, yummy!

All children have to do is to reach out and fill their tummy!
Or an artist worst imagined nightmare

His choice of colours be white, blue and the occasional gray to spare!

Me thinks all this cotton balls to the picking have to do

Is with the sun and the moon games of peek-a-boo!

Be it what it may be, clouds are the best yet

They lift my spirits high above when I’m feeling sad

As I sit by my window and make out many a shape

Of the clouds that float up ahead
My flights of fancy mount to greater heights

Where I lose myself in elaborate sights!

Basic science makes it as evaporation and condensation

All I can make of it is food for my imagination!
By Mariam Bee

Ipoh Perak


Rotting crimson cave

once home to your passion

now lies in another’s caress

who possess your devotion

from dawn to dusk

and still lingers on

in your dreams –

my damnation.


But I can’t declare

what drives me

to the devil’s lair, nightly

I lost that freedom

to sing your name

when you slid through

the crack in our the cave.



Anntidote, Puchong, Selangor.


I see

the fear in my father’s eyes

as he beheld the world fall,

as he screams through

the wall,

and starts to lose it all.
I see

the fear in his eyes

when he gives me

an hour’s worth

of lecture

as he tries to

tell me to do

His pain

he does not keep;

he has kept his hurt in

for far too long

He sees

the world around me


as buildings topple

over one another

and he sees

my position

under the rubble.
He weeps

as he predicts the day

I die

by sword or by stone.

He unleashes his wrath of


he’s been through
“Don’t die, son.

Keep staying alive.

Keep breathing,

keep moving,

keep working 

to survive.”
I see

the fear in my father’s eyes

as he beheld the world fall

He does not want me 

to lose it all

He does not want me

to lose.
“Survive, son.”

It’s okay, Pa.

Don’t worry.

I’ll live.


Aaron J. Patrick, KL

Hope in the Dim 

Hope in the Dim

I saw the moonlight

Shining in the dim light

Guided the soul who’s gone died

With every step was completely hide

I saw a person whine

For every mistake which lost its sign

Mumbling the words of regret

With the heart that’s full of threat

I saw the moonlight

As I saw it shine as the sky bright

For the soul to have a hope

As remembrance of days to cope.

By, Fatin Nadiah, Terengganu.

An open sea

The world is an open sea and you’re my anchor

Time of hardship and despair

You’re my savior

Im a horseless knight, your words my armor

You’re a but a queen and im just a commoner
Life is a lesson, you’re my first teacher

At school you teach, at home you’re a mother

Those days I’m a failure thinking of quitting

With a smile you remind me that failing is learning
You’re a blessing sent from up above

Your heart is filled with a thousand love

You understand my silence, and read my tears

 now I wish we can live a thousand more years
Home is a garden, and you’re the rose

Shine with the sunlight, with the moon she glows

Thousand miles and world apart

I can’t see her love, but I can feel it in my heart
By Farhan Ejat, Sabah