longing and missing
pinning on idealized
chasing nostalgia
yearning sustains roving heart
hope is a sedative balm
Dr. KH Lim.



From young, we harbour many hidden fear;
Sex orientation may not be clear.
Cupid pulls bow and shoots random arrows;
It is lust and passion, not love that glows.
Love garden demands patience to nurture;
Abuses and cheat are relate cancer.
Marriage is fearsome life time commitment;
Cohabitation is safe down payment.
Responsible care for constraints to work;
Without compromises, all go berserk.
For sad ending tales, resist tragedy;
History repeats without fantasy.
At turning point, marriage faces crisis;
The love bond will stick to prime promises.


Hidden behind the Botox and face mask;
A modern taboo, sensitive to ask.
It involves more than figures and numbers;
A trip ride you forget and remember.
Changes and transformation all the way;
Pray to stay at best, nature cannot sway.
More fear than death, aging is a stigma;
Terror on mirror, trauma is drama.
Age is as old as you are, felt or think;
Peeling vanity, live to shine or sink.
The body does not aged and fall the same;
Face is young, energy decline, knee lame.
Wig, dentures, hearing aids, and walking frame;
Aging well is living, no shame in game.
Dr. KH Lim.


world is never fair
sip my coffee watching scenes
wife on market rounds
long queue for food stores
stressful business, rest envy
all suffer the same
leaders have cronies
money glue to all feathers
to stay in power
saints have favourites
inner disciples more at heart
heaven for the few
unfair if you lose
egalitarian shout
fairness has levels

Dr. KH Lim.

Another try

I said " I want to give us a try. "
I hesitated for 4 days
With only honesty in my heart
I thought I could have a better love
But, what is a better love?
A hunky guy? A guy with the sweetest melody? A guy so bad I could fall head over heels?
I don't know how to answer my own question 
There was a moment where I thought 
It doesn't matter if the both of us couldn't find our beautiful ending together
It doesn't matter if we parted ways with a heart that broke terribly 
As long as I get the chance to love you
A chance to be loved by you
A mere second of happiness
I could trade everything and anything for it
For that one of a lifetime love

By, Sumayyah Jaafar Ali, Penang


Scour the kaleidoscope-like street
shoppers stir to and fro
as the winds in The Starry Night
weaving through clusters
while popping fruits
nibbling tidbits and fried meats
arms burdened by bulky bundles
tongues and arms flailing – bargaining
vendors’ voices – booming deals
such is our Saturday mornings.



It has been years since we met,
Yet the memories are still fresh,
I’ll never forget the first meet of us,
So does the last meet of us.
We laughed together,
Cried together,
Even dreamt together,
Well, those were the wonderful moments.
We are not together,
Yet, we are not apart,
We are no longer close,
Yet, we are not far.
You were my strength,
You were my motivation,
You were my shadow,
You were my world,
But now,
You are no longer mine.
It’s time for me to let you go,
It’s time for me to be independent,
It’s time for me to stay without you,
It’s time for me to bid goodbye,
It’s time for me to accept the fact,
Even though,
They’re bitter truths!
If you get a chance,
Try to remember me at least once,
Because, each time there’s a chance,
I’ll never forget you even once.
I did let you go for someone,
I blame no one,
After all,
Love is all about giving, not taking!
Vasugi d/o Baskaran