Sand Dunes of Melaka

I know that place your heart remembers

Where sorrow never follows you home

Where the sun says a final good night

And your memory takes flight.


In that place that your heart remembers

But your memory cannot recall

Would it be my name that you say?

Long after the tide pulls away.


Here in that place that your heart remembers

Where hugs and smiles were sprinkled with kisses

When we once played in the sand dunes of Melaka

I can still hear the sweet sound of our laughter.


By Gina, Selangor

This pot of gold

A hurried quest this pot of gold amass
Its enticing glitter to gain more and more not less

Our greed over our need in constant class

Enough is a word lost in this meaning of wealth

This drowning pool of insatiable desires dwell

The more we have the deeper our wants depth
A hamster running in this wheel of worldly affairs
Our spiritual vision blinded by this earthly dazzle

It matters not how far away from the Books we defect

The sins we commit this elusive wealth to gather

Reasons​ of vain justify the many method 

Vile is this journey of the means to the end

The day we halt the fall into this devouring trap

Be the day of great peace to have
The peace of God’s Kindness descend upon ourself

When our Creator’s Benevolence we care to share

On those who choke on dire misery felt

A dollar not spent on the self

Be dollar spent on the bereft

In God’s Book of Love we’d be forever accept!
By Mariam Bee

Ipoh Perak

Four Seasons of Love

7 years

It is not a short period

Stuck in looking towards to the same person

Shame, such an unrequited love.


Last summer

It was bold and stupid act

Hoping for a tango

Sadly, you can’t cross the line.


Last autumn,

I saw him with friend of mine

I found the answer

Tears are rolling down on my cheeks

Just like the falling leaves.


Last winter

It was cold and freezing

Like an ice.

Finally it was spring

Flowers started to bloom

Friends were there to cherish

No more tears

Only the smile on her tiny face.

Nu Fatihah Mohd Arnawi, Malacca

A blind man

A blind man stood static

Every direction to him was the same

Uncertain, unknown


He wanted to reach all destinations

But aren’t we all bounded by time?

He’s confused

But he was sure of one thing

He needed to move forward

So he walked 

Fully trusting

The sound of 

The unspoken promise

That was ever fading

Was he stupid

To trust the uncertain?

Ikmal Idham, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

The Death Letter

Immortally living through the decades,

Yet, bounded in a boundary of death by only her,

She glowed luminously of lively hue as bright as a sun,

She made him felt alive and dead,

‘Cause she was his first love,

Also his death call,

As they were destined to be in loved,

They happened to fall for each other,

His heart grew fondly day by day,

The cherry blossoms bloomed

in every streets he walked every time his heart

excite to the fullest,

The more jovial he got,

The more pain he felt,

It was autumn – the sensational pleasing

dying weather,

Just like him – beautiful but dead inside,

He made a promise between life and death on the very

first snowfall of the year,


They ended tragically,

His life ended on her hands,

He fell on his knees just like before,

And being washed away in the thin air as dust,

Peacefully sorrow.

Siti Nurzubaidah Binti Mohamed Anuar, Malacca

Another Try

I said ” I want to give us a try. ”

I hesitated for 4 days

With only honesty in my heart

I thought I could have a better love

But, what is a better love?

A hunk of a guy? A guy with the sweetest melody? A guy so bad I could fall head over heels?

I don’t know how to answer my own question

There was a moment where I thought

It doesn’t matter if the both of us couldn’t find our beautiful ending together

It doesn’t matter if we parted ways with a heart that broke terribly

As long as I get the chance to love you

A chance to be loved by you

A mere second of happiness

I could trade everything and anything for it

For that one of a lifetime love



By: Sumayyah Jaafar Ali, Penang