Long waiting

 A long, long time of waiting. A short, short time of losing. I don’t want it to happen. I love you so much that I can't afford to lose you. I don’t want to give up all of me just because you lied to me about your love, your sincerity. I don’t want anything else, just your loyalty and tender.
  The fire is burning.
  Please, don’t put it off.

NUSA, Johor



Whatever crashed you

You were able to move past it

That’s natural. We recover. We get damaged

And then we rebuild

I couldn’t rebuild. I don’t even think I want to rebuild 

I was shattered and maybe it was best to keep me that way. 


Sumayyah Jaafar Ali


Fast Pace

Standing in the middle of a huge crosswalk

In a huge concrete jungle

Where eyes are looking down and looking ahead

Hands occupied with a cup of Starbucks, cellphone, newspaper

In their own bubble

And I am still standing here

In awe

With a nagging question:

“Why can’t I fit in?”


Sumayyah Jaafar Ali

Pulau Pinang


Let’s meet at our playground a bit sooner,

Just for a bit sooner,

You’ll bring your guitar with your mellow voice,

And I’ll bring my ears and my cheeky smile,

You’ll ask what I did today,

And I’ll ask what you’ll do tomorrow,

You’ll argue about something I mentioned about,

And I’ll argue about something you thought about,

But in between all these, 

With the sound of our laughs combined,

With the scars of our past embraced,

We’ll stay oblivious to the hurricanes around us,

Before sunrise, sunset and midnight,

Just for a bit longer,

Let’s stay at our playground a bit longer.


Nun Najmeen, KL


From young, we harbour many hidden fear;
Sex orientation may not be clear.
Cupid pulls bow and shoots random arrows;
It is lust and passion, not love that glows.
Love garden demands patience to nurture;
Abuses and cheat are relate cancer.
Marriage is fearsome life time commitment;
Cohabitation is safe down payment.
Responsible care for constraints to work;
Without compromises, all go berserk.
For sad ending tales, resist tragedy;
History repeats without fantasy.
At turning point, marriage faces crisis;
The love bond will stick to prime promises.


Hidden behind the Botox and face mask;
A modern taboo, sensitive to ask.
It involves more than figures and numbers;
A trip ride you forget and remember.
Changes and transformation all the way;
Pray to stay at best, nature cannot sway.
More fear than death, aging is a stigma;
Terror on mirror, trauma is drama.
Age is as old as you are, felt or think;
Peeling vanity, live to shine or sink.
The body does not aged and fall the same;
Face is young, energy decline, knee lame.
Wig, dentures, hearing aids, and walking frame;
Aging well is living, no shame in game.
Dr. KH Lim.