Unforever us

I don’t fear love
but the loneliness
that may follow
if this love doesn’t last
forever, as promised
if I don’t do the deeds
deemed “right”.
I’m learning to love you
but you expected me
to know how to.
– Written by Anntidote –



Meditating behind musky pages
submerged in the murky depths
of Marketing 101, flick
my finger upon tongue
to fli yet another
when a tap roused me to turn
and face a caramel macchiato smile
behind the tiramisu cheesecake.
– Written by Anntidote –


Let’s meet at our playground a bit sooner,

Just for a bit sooner,

You’ll bring your guitar with your mellow voice,

And I’ll bring my ears and my cheeky smile,

You’ll ask what I did today,

And I’ll ask what you’ll do tomorrow,

You’ll argue about something I mentioned about,

And I’ll argue about something you thought about,

But in between all these, 

With the sound of our laughs combined,

With the scars of our past embraced,

We’ll stay oblivious to the hurricanes around us,

Before sunrise, sunset and midnight,

Just for a bit longer,

Let’s stay at our playground a bit longer.


Nun Najmeen, KL


A blue bubble baits me
and bursts with a click
another random rendition of ”hello”
pops up propped by compliments
the introduction seems
all too normal.
And as the text bars stretch
Past drunken spites
I soon learn
of the stain on his heart
That the medicinal word
Or fire and blood
Even baptismal flood
Couldn’t purge his pain
I’m not seeking to be his saviour
Just an embracer of that
Which is seen as unclean
In the eyes that mean
Only to scream his sin
into infinity.
But I don’t see infinity
Only this man
eclipsing his stain
beneath the palm of his hand
Others claim, “he’s hiding the truth”
While I stand by his side and see
Their fingers prickly to point
At the bosom that bears the blemish
Of botched attempts at love.
I know, I’ve nothing to gain but
Him with his stain but
He’s now become mine
He has seeped through to shade
His pulsations to mine
And now our two stains
Show side by side
As we willingly colour
Past the borderline.
– Written by Anntidote –

Sorry I am, father

Patient be you, son
time is no one but your ally
one day, again you shall run
and one later, again you shall fly

Sorry I am, father
if time is really a friend
and he shall hold the deal by his end
why is my heart still bleeding
from where cupid's arrow is standing?

Ikmal Idham, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan