If you were still alive

If you were still alive…

I wonder what you’d say.
To the inconsiderations, gone astray.

To the separation of our ways.

To the gone hopes of yesterday.
If you were still alive…

I wonder what you would do.
When they’ve gotten one, but want two.

When our greatest fears become true.

When suddenly you don’t know who’s who.
If you were still alive…

I wonder what you’d feel.
About the state of our ordeal.

About the many wounds that cannot heal.

About how we have been forced to kneel.
If you were still alive…

I wonder what you’d be.
In the midst of this decree.

In freedom’s lost key.

In the shadows of them and we.
If you were still alive…

To the unknown we shall dive.

And for justice I know you would strive.

And from the ashes, hope will revive.
But you are still alive.

In the knowledge you had to derive.

In the lessons we had to transcribe.

Till the end of time that will arive…


Puteri Eleni, KL.



My mother

I miss my mother,

I really do,

There is no other,

Who does what she dos.
I’ve known her all my life,

From a lil girl to now a wife,

And each day as I grow,

I appreciate her even more.
As annoying as she is,

Far more loving she is,

As mad as she drives me,

Far more she cares for me.
I seldom let her know,

How much I love her so,

For words lack the puff,

To ever thank her enough.
I’m not the best of daughter,

But I try hard not to totter,

However, I mostly fail,

To follow her amicable trail.
No matter come what may,

Despite being far & away,

I know she’ll always be there,

For I may outgrow her laps but never her heart.


~The Poetic Soul~, Ipoh.