She was innocent and pure

It was her first love

Thought he’ll be the one.




He is a psychopath

Won’t let her go out


Told her sweet lies

But cursed her in heart

He wants nothing but lust

So they did not last


Fondness turned into violent

Love became hate

He is a monster in disguise


Poor little girl

Her first love was a disaster

But she is much stronger now

More careful in love

Won’t fall for second.

Nur Fatihah Mohd Arnawi, Melaka



I wonder why is it when we sin that we feel most alive

Until we can no longer listen or make a distinction

Between what’s wrong or right

And feel as if we have fulfilled the reason for our existence

What is it that attracts us so much to sin

Be careful because not all that glitters is gold

You might think this world is all there is to win

And in the process lose your soul

It is when we sin that we feel most alive

Because evil spelled backwards is spelled live

That’s why it’s so hard to do what’s right

For in the hearts of men is where hell is


Francesco Don, Sabah.


In life, 

there will always be things or people, 

that make us cry, 

who betray us, 

who steal from us. 

All in one, 

that was an unhappy moment in my life, 

and it will just be another moment amongst others to come. 

Be grateful, for what we have now.

Being grateful is between us and God, because…

There is no need to compare our lives with anyone else’s out there.

Faa Ismail, Shah Alam.


Devilish Devil

I am a devil disguising as the angel
I curl down my burning devil’s tail

And I spread my sparkling white pair of wings

I put down my sharp devil’s horns

And I replace it with my shining gold halo

I erase my devilish smirk

And I carve my angelic smile

If you have not noticed anything about me

Then you are in great danger, my friend

Before you know it, I will stab you from behind

Twist the blade

And thrust it through your heart like a real devil


Afiq Shahril, Perak

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