Windows of the eyes

Rollercoaster: silent madness,
Adrenaline rush increases my awareness;
There are people around, stow away,
They must not see beyond their gaze –
You will be judged, with a sad smile,
They’ll tell you, “It’s okay”,
But their smiles betray them all;
You could see the laughter they’re trying to suppress,
And their jeers they stop to muster.
But you need care not,
For you have sunglasses;
You could block out their ugly minds,
Behind glasses of tinted lenses;
It’s dark and covered,
But you’re safe and forgotten –
They need only your eyes,
To see all they wanted.

Sky Wei


Fast Pace

Standing in the middle of a huge crosswalk

In a huge concrete jungle

Where eyes are looking down and looking ahead

Hands occupied with a cup of Starbucks, cellphone, newspaper

In their own bubble

And I am still standing here

In awe

With a nagging question:

“Why can’t I fit in?”


Sumayyah Jaafar Ali

Pulau Pinang

God’s ex-lover

My lover treated me like the Queen of England,
He would embrace me in his arms in the cold winter night.
He would lace his fingers in mine as we watched the fireworks in summer.
My lover was the all-loving creator,
Capable of miracles, wonders.
Emphasize on the word 'was'.
To mortals,
He is God, almighty.
To me,
He is a shepherd trying to herd cats, counterproductive.
But who am I to take God as nothing more than soap on a rope?
I am vague, indefinite,
I am a man, a woman, an animal, an object.
I am your ride to the other world,
I am the ever-present sky you created, God created.
When God cheated on me with life,
I felt my life crumbling into the base of a cheesecake.
My soul was the filling,
And my broken heart tasted like kiwi, lingering.
Only then I knew that God loves kiwi.
And God did loved me,
He adored watching the way I broke,
The tears in my eyes were like the stars he created,
Illuminating the curtains of the night.
But that day, there were no stars.
A flash of memories surged through my veins
Enveloping the eyes God tore out of me,
I felt a lion beneath me rise,
I am no longer a fool you can kiss goodnight.
I vowed to take away everything life created,
That was what you made me for, what God made me for.
She shall not be held against his arms,
She shall not taste spring as it blossoms,
I am fearless, daunting,
I am a mistake God does not want to recognize,
I am death.
And I will not pause myself
Until I regain everything you took away from me, God took away from me.

Ally Fok, Selangor.

Soul Promise

My soul grieves
for a soul;
a life lost,
to the world,

The world,
this life
full of pressure
she cannot keep.

So she frees
her soul,
for her soul
to cling to a 

He tries
to stand on 
the soles of
his feet

O how
he stumbles
and falls

But how he
bears, for
a life to be 
shared with
a soul that
clings to his soul.

This spirit
from memory,
calls to his
bitter aid.

And as if
not even God
can save him,
he is bound,
to the promise 
he made.

O how my soul
grieves for
his soul!
And as he grieves
and weeps for
his own

It's far too late now.

between two dimensions
a chain.
'Til he fulfills 
the promise made
to her.

A promise
for a dead soul.

– Aaron J. Patrick, KL

Let him be

The boy that walks alone from school
You see him not knowing how he feels
He sits there empty away all that is real
You don’t know anything
Fear consumes him as he stands in the rain
His life shattered, like little pieces of glass
I won’t dare talk of his pain, because
I don’t know anything
But he’s still among the light
Hoping to stay away from darkness
He sheds light and glimmers hope
Believed in truth, believes in something greater
His imagination is the very expression of life
His dreams is what keeps him awake at night
He trains well in the enigmatic view
There is life to him, you all never knew
Cause here he stands and questions you
Where you fall, as he stands for all that is true
Hazeem Hazmi, Selangor.

Of Bloodied Turbans

Sink your claws
Down to rotten bone
Past forbidden flesh before
Dragging them along
The entirety
Of my arms
Let the juices
From Eden’s apple
Drip a sluggish rhythm
Each heavy drop
On racing lines
A scarlet mosaic
Before heavy
Black scarves
Entwine into
A tight turban
Inescapable burden

Red Beanie, Penang.


Pull the strings,
then release.
Feel the vibrations;
face the music.

Pull the trigger,
then release.
Feel the vibrations;
face the music.

Press the button,
then release.
Feel the vibrations;
face the music.

Press on in prayer,
then release.
Feel the vibrations;
face the music.

For with every move
there is vibration;
a sound that
makes music.

For with every action
comes consequence.
Pull the strings,
face the music.

Aaron J. Patrick, KL