Silly Thoughts of Cloud

Clouds are Nature’s gentle to the harsh realities below
Clouds are dreamer ‘s imagination untold
Wildest thoughts make of the clouds, tales of bold

Are they ballerinas pirouetting on their toes?

Layers of white gauze trim their slim waist

A perfect twirl in their fluffy gowns make
Or are they Little Bo Beep’s sheep lost in the scene above

She’s searching for them, puffy whites on the blue turf
Be they Cinderella’s carriage racing to meet the midnight stroke

Brilliant white stallions hooves thunder while their mouths froth
Could they be snowfields of faraway land

Icy territories where no man stand 
Or they be Greek goddesses powdering their nose

White dust swirl in their jealous show
Could they be white candy floss of yummy, yummy!

All children have to do is to reach out and fill their tummy!
Or an artist worst imagined nightmare

His choice of colours be white, blue and the occasional gray to spare!

Me thinks all this cotton balls to the picking have to do

Is with the sun and the moon games of peek-a-boo!

Be it what it may be, clouds are the best yet

They lift my spirits high above when I’m feeling sad

As I sit by my window and make out many a shape

Of the clouds that float up ahead
My flights of fancy mount to greater heights

Where I lose myself in elaborate sights!

Basic science makes it as evaporation and condensation

All I can make of it is food for my imagination!
By Mariam Bee

Ipoh Perak