This pot of gold

A hurried quest this pot of gold amass
Its enticing glitter to gain more and more not less

Our greed over our need in constant class

Enough is a word lost in this meaning of wealth

This drowning pool of insatiable desires dwell

The more we have the deeper our wants depth
A hamster running in this wheel of worldly affairs
Our spiritual vision blinded by this earthly dazzle

It matters not how far away from the Books we defect

The sins we commit this elusive wealth to gather

Reasons​ of vain justify the many method 

Vile is this journey of the means to the end

The day we halt the fall into this devouring trap

Be the day of great peace to have
The peace of God’s Kindness descend upon ourself

When our Creator’s Benevolence we care to share

On those who choke on dire misery felt

A dollar not spent on the self

Be dollar spent on the bereft

In God’s Book of Love we’d be forever accept!
By Mariam Bee

Ipoh Perak