The Death Letter

Immortally living through the decades,

Yet, bounded in a boundary of death by only her,

She glowed luminously of lively hue as bright as a sun,

She made him felt alive and dead,

‘Cause she was his first love,

Also his death call,

As they were destined to be in loved,

They happened to fall for each other,

His heart grew fondly day by day,

The cherry blossoms bloomed

in every streets he walked every time his heart

excite to the fullest,

The more jovial he got,

The more pain he felt,

It was autumn – the sensational pleasing

dying weather,

Just like him – beautiful but dead inside,

He made a promise between life and death on the very

first snowfall of the year,


They ended tragically,

His life ended on her hands,

He fell on his knees just like before,

And being washed away in the thin air as dust,

Peacefully sorrow.

Siti Nurzubaidah Binti Mohamed Anuar, Malacca