King of Fruit


Durian, do you deserve to wear the crown?

By just your look ’tis hard for one to tell.

Much in demand, in kampung and in town,

You taste like heaven but you smell like hell!


We wonder why you’re armed with thorns all round;

Are they to strongly shield your fruit from harm?

When ripe, high up from branch you drop to ground,

All safe and sound, no need to raise alarm.


Great fun it was to watch how people chose

This thorny fruit by others grown.

One did the odour test but pricked his nose!

By shaking it, how can the taste be known?


Now choice is no longer a guessing game,

Each variety has a certain name.


By Mr Cheah Sin Chye, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Illustration by: Cheah Sin Chye.