My Kampung

It was a place remote, a rural scene;

A few attap houses amidst the trees;

A murky stream infused with things unclean,

Passing by some orchards and cemeteries.


This was the place where I was born and raised,

It was a humble place in which to stay,

Of which my memories can’t be erased,

Though now I am quite old, so frail and grey.


So much has changed; it’s no longer the same.

Name changed to Rawang Road from  Caunter Hall;

Now Jalan P. Ramlee is its new name;

Our kampung boy was he, well-known to all.


I’d looked forward, emerging from the womb;

I look backwards, on my way to the tomb.


By Cheah Sin Chye, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Illustration by Cheah Sin Chye

my kampung