Noisy Noise

This  incessant  chatter  in  your  head
This  noisy  voice  relentlessly chase
Of  this  of  that  and everything else  that  matters  not
A  chat  with  a  mind  of  its own  run  a  course
Stories  that  it  spins
a  perplexed  knot
A  spin  here  a  spin  there,
a  messy  thought
The  clarity  of  thought,
spun  with  old  yarn
This  cloth  of  tattered emotions  well  worn
An  approach  sought,  not  at all  of  light
Too  much  clamour  mounts  of  dizzying  height
We  wear  ourselves  out  this incoherent  ramble
Goes  on  and  on,  a  flicker  not  the  end  of  the  tunnel
Boy  Oh  boy!  We  wish!
Oh  we  wish!
This  noise  will  shut  down with  a  swish!
Stop!  A  halt  to  our  runaway thoughts
A  wagon  of  wild  horses loaded  with  distraught
The  link  of  a  never  ending chain, a  clunk   a  clunk
A  heaviness  of  which
a  chunk, a  chunk!
The  well  thought  story  of dramatic turn
Of  nail  biting  suspense  the end  conjured
We  the  storyteller,  we  the awed  audience
The  storyline  so  thin,  it  lost its  radiance
Spice  it  up  with  some bygones,  throw  in  something new
We’ll  have  the  perfect  recipe for  a  sticky  brew!
A  dull  tow   a  vibrating  recital
Goes  round  and  round  a whirring  cycle
A  cleansing  ritual  needed  of haste
For  peace  to  descend  of  this muddled  head
A  mind  emptied  into  a  sewer of  waste
Float  to  a  land  of  no  return​,
away!  away!
Silence  of  death  resonate  the mind
Quietude  of  depth  a  clarity find
Relevance  of  think  is  our  only  need
Sieve  out  the  groupies  clinging!
Too  much  noise  our thought defines
An  escape  from  this breathless  whines
Empty  our  thoughts  to  quiet servitude
To  ourselves  a  peaceful attitude!
By  Mariam  Bee,Ipoh,  Perak