Misty Mist

A  haloed  circle  the  mist surround  the  peaks

An  ethereal  vision  the  dawn’s awake  so  meek



As  she  tip  toes  gently  lest the  mist’s  caress  of  the emerald  hills

The  Sun’s  startling  rays  the gauzy  shroud  lift



Nature’s  cuppa  for  the  early morning’s  guests

The  promise  of  another  day after  a  night’s  rest



Of  moisture  in  the  morning air  suspend

Glad  tidings  she  brings, dewdrops  dense



Each  leaf  a  generous sprinkling  of   gems  liquid

As  she  dances  a  slow  dance,  a  mysterious  lady



Over  the  hills,  thick  foliage peek  through  the  mist

Above  the  lake  the  mist ponders  as  she  stood  still



Should  she  merge  with  the lake’s  waters  and  explore  the murky  bottom

Or  join  her  sister  clouds  in the  skies  with  their  curly perm



Alas!  The  moment  has passed  her  dreamy  wonder!

The  sun’s  rays  tickle  her drops  to  rise  yonder



Where  hover  she  would pregnant  with  dew

To  birth  in  the  wee  hours with  the  joy  due



To  thirsty  Nature  their upturned  face

The  moisture  their  parched lips  taste!



By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak