My Pal

A  steadfast  pal,
my  friend  Faith
The  best  company  to  keep instead
Of  friends  who  vanish  the earth’s  surface
To  re emerge  when  the  storm  blows  away
She  held  me  tight when  I made  a  desperate  escape
To  slip  into  a  melancholic state
A  gasp  of  air  in  the  tides  of self-pitying  waves
Life’s  drowning  swirls  my  soul  she  saved
She’s  my  lifeguard  as  she sits  high  a  watchful  gaze
A  bosom  pal  mindless  my sorry  state
Her  fingers  she  runs  through my  ruffled  pain
To  soothe  this  troubled  head
Soft  whispers  to  assuage  my confused  daze
A  gust  of  gentle  breeze  to clear  my  foggy  brain
She  parked  herself  at  my very  gate
To  help  me  with  my skirmishes  of  fate
As  she  held  me  back  a  stern  dissuade
From  tripping  into  the  pit  of desolate
She  kept  me  strong  and brave
Head  on  the bull’s  horn  to take
A  step  at  a  time  each problem  to  face
To  believe  in  the  strength born  innate
Kept  me  steady  on  a  path straight
Lest  I  take  a  crab’s  walk astray
If  I  be  trapped  in your wayward  twin, Faithless ‘s ways
To  live  in  a  topsy  turvy  realm  of  dismay
Dear  Faith, stay  with  me forever, pray!
Guide  me  and  be  my  best friend  always!

By:  Mariam  Bee,Ipoh,  Perak