The Birth of Patriarchal Hegemony


They realised it was a mistake; an all-girls dorm,
remember when they dragged you right out of prom?;
look at them now; selling you off on,
and as you suffer, they say “arey beta*, it’s just a norm!”.
The word ‘independent’ please, not in our house,
a girl is to be quiet and timid like a mouse;
spend the rest of her life in the kitchen behind closed doors,
I mean, ghar ka khaana*! every man’s favourite course.
Walking home from the temple, you hear a loud, peculiar horn,
next thing you know, you’re in his car, in your saree all torn;
you tell them days later and they shout, “it’s what you had worn!”,
for men are never wrong; but why forget that from women only, are Kings born.
*arey beta- but child,
*ghar ka khaana- home cooked food
By: Aishwarya Arul