Should have known Better

Chemistry sparked at first sight,

Rushed in without a fight,

Such young love, naive and stupid and crazy,

Believing you were as beautiful as a daisy.


Convinced it was passion,

Spreading our wings in such fashion,

Thinking we would not fall,

When we’re so weak to even crawl.


There was already a crack,

With such feeble attack,

There is no turning back,

What more on a racetrack.


I’ve been waiting for so long,

For you to take me along,

Telling me you have to go,

And I know I can’t say no,

As I’m lying on the floor,

Watching you walk out that door.


We’ve been huffing and puffing,

Got our heads buzzing and drumming

All the running and sighing,

Time is flying and I’m dying.


Love that was once hung on the wall,

Is now breaking free from this echoing hall.

There’s no remedy for these memories,

Stringing on by this rhythmic reveries.


This time lapse is like a wretched hangover,

You can’t crossover,

Playing over and over,

Turning into a clueless, raging rover.


Catching every punch with a wheeze,

Feeling the blood in the breeze.

I’m now on my knees,

Could you tell me, please?

What were these feelings?

Are they just one-time flings?


I have lost my way,

Lost count of days,

The warmth I once knew,

An unknown residue.


By: Edwina Marie, Penang