I remember one day someone I’ve met

Told me a story hard to forget

Asked me how well do I sleep at night

And if it’s true that bed bugs bite?

She said :

I spend my night looking at the moon

but sometimes the clouds come way too soon

I spend my night counting stars

but sometimes I count my daylight scars

I would sit the blow of the midnight breeze

but sometimes it’s so cold, I might freeze

I’ve given up on the thought of counting sheeps

I’ve counted millions but still no sleep

I’d sing a love song for the sky

and for myself, a lullaby

To whom you think should I put the blame?

so many nights can’t sleep can’t dream

Could the dream to dream be only a dream

But from sleepless night and dreamless wake

I have finally taught myself to dream and be awake

Farhan Ejat, Sabah