The Jester and The King

It’s the jester sire

The one with the crooked smile

Bouncing bells fooling jovial

Can’t you see it with your own eyes?

He took you in and feigns freedom

But yet your hands are tied


O’ sire, why?

Your land so prosperous

The men are strong

Whole nation at arms

Yet you asked the jester to juggle

Giving him your time, your attention, your affection,

Sire, what kind of foolishness is this?


This land is prosperous

But how can it last without you tending it?

The men are strong

Yet no orders has been pulling them straight

What nation can stay at arms?

When the king only bother the jester at his feat


O’ sire

Wake up now

Wake up please

Fight this nonsensical stupidity I plead

The jester a distraction as he has always been

Beat him now and beat it down

Break this fairytale you stuck so long

How can a legacy being fooled so easy?


You are the king so gallant and skilled

Meant to rule born to win

The jester had done his fair share of service

Now will you get up strong on your feet?

Take this throne and claim it as fit

Rule this kingdom till your last heartbeat

Bring its glory as only you will ever make it

O’ sire it is now or never


By: Afifah Addnan , Perak


the jester and the king