Art of Destiny

In the brightest time during the day,
She stood with the coldest, speechless heart,
Her heart was crying and blaming her mind,
Walking through the crowd with an umbrella,
An umbrella of bad lucks and painful thoughts,
Seeing the crowds contented like in Hobbiton,
But she still moving forward and painted a smile,
She painted the prettiest smile with the darkest blood,
Rain fell and washed all away,
Leaving the pain to be scarred,
And the smile faded to the ugliest truth,
She cried and begged, kneeling there,
‘Cause she was too desperate asking for the smile she used to wear,
But this world is just so unfair,
Letting her to live in despair,
Maybe there’s nothing to be repaired,
‘Cause the art of destiny has left her there.


By: Siti Nurzubaidah Binti Mohamed Anuar, Malacca.