If memory was a song,
I would write your name there,
On that very first day,
The day that I saw you,
You being you and me being me,
Wind blew my scarf off gently
Like how you blew me off and held my attention,
Attended the warmness of the day in the afternoon,
At the beach where it linked the river and the sea,
Seemed like us,
Linked emotionally, indirectly for each other,
I felt there was something I must say but I didn’t,
Time was and still ticking,
Left us behind of a year ago,
Portraying you just like that fine day with the calmness of the breeze,
Like how I did for my every pieces of art,
And you still remain there close and deep in my heart,
Just like those songs that I keep on listening till the day of new tomorrow
It’ll stay forever right there
Just like that one song as it supposed to be.
By: Siti Nurzubaidah Binti Mohamed Anuar, Malacca.