Here’s to the broken hearted,

Wondering, why it all fell apart,

Here’s to the travellers,

The road less taken walkers,

Here’s to the rejected,

Feeling abandoned, worthless and neglected,

Here’s to the loner,

Camaraderie to solitary,

Here’s to the sidekicks,

Forever offering their kicks,

Here’s to the queers,

Cursing and blessing their differences,

Here’s to the victims,

Who lived through nightmares,

Here’s to the refugees,

Who beg for pity,

Here’s to the un-owned,

Who lost everything they thought they own,

Here’s to you,

Each and every one of you.

Cheers my friends!

For living this life,

For carving your path,

For swallowing the pain,

For mustering the strength,


For breathing.


Your existence matters,

Maybe not now,

Perhaps in the future,

In a memory or a story,

Or a song or a poem,

Your existence matters,

As a moral of the story

Or the protagonist of a story

You’ll live

Maybe for a while, maybe forever,

Your existence matters,

Cheers for the possibilities,

Cheers for embracing life,

Where it is cruel and dirty,

But it is the only place where you existed.

By: Nadia Falisha Azlan Shah Aziz, PD, Negeri Sembilan.