Beautiful Infant

Beautiful infant, sleep a peaceful sleep

Your mother’s voice a sweet lullaby sing

Her loving look over you a watchful keep

So tender at the marvel, her heart a skip

An unimagined feel, her Creator’s gift

A prayerful thank to Him each minute

Beautiful infant, dream a blameless dream

With the angels a game of hide and seek

A run thru the gardens of sunflowers and daisies

And butterflies of colours a splendid

On your calm face a smile so angelic

Worries do not touch your sleep so enchanting

Beautiful infant, kisses soothe your soft eyelids

With blessings aplenty your journey so sweet

All the good in this world and the next a shower heavenly

Your hours of joy be many and many

Your times of sorrow be none if any

May you always be a favourite of our God Almighty

Beautiful infant, sleep a peaceful sleep!

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak