We breathe a breath for the moment next

This moment we feel not for been scared

The reality of this moment is too much to digest

Too much noise, too much to ingest

The real feeling of the now, is not spared

With no scruples it’s taken over by the minute next

We run and run to chase a elusive catch

The moment now, the next moment wrest

We live but not, the moment to savour best

Forever lost in this hurried quest

We feel, we feel but not the magical breath

For this very now, is the only one in our grasp

Not the past nor the future our joy held

The hold is the present instance felt

If unrealised forever gone, so sad

Never will be our claim this moment snatched

The past, a sofa we lie down to rest

The future, a spring board to progress

When will it be the present, an arm chair

The precious moment to ourselves caress

To live life to the fullest best

Feel to go our hearts a pit a pat

Life’s blood flowing to a song glad!

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak