Of Mood Swings

How does she survive the ups and downs

Your volatile mood swings of my frowns

A thundering race car a speed fast

Deep waters of dangerous calm not of last

You spout like a geyser hot

To subside oblivious of the hurt caused

Simmering tempers of well hidden throb

Unreasoned anger at the slightest drop

Her weary heart of a palpitate malady

The slightest sound loud a beat racing

A walk on eggs she treads of gentleness

Spook not the horned beast reside of intent treacherous

Times are passing she’s wearing you a well worn coat

The contours of which her body clings of dote

Of used your wearisome mood swings

She shuts herself in colourful dreaming

A walk not of the ground touching

Lest she’d touch the hardness she’d be feeling

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak