Of Tall A’s

Verily to be realised of achievements by far

The paper qualities with much heave you’ve starred

From invisibility a common call in many a mouth

A name that feigns nonetity into a rushed extol

Hush was this call from birth begin at all

A sudden tall the ‘A’s’ in many numbers slog hard

An admiring glance to realise you are an entity to recall

The pupil in the eye expand to absorb your limelight

In blind your shadow was in a hazy watch before

You exist but you did not in the very eye

Which now holds of much esteem your qualify

A bask in knowing you a feel of exemplify

If to accept you a unassuming soul after all

None the glitter your sudden fame enthrall

If it is your achieve that matters to star

In this act of success a play to endorse

Notice of your existence in this weary world bluff

A measure of your success to name you by

Glory in vain your extend of good fortune high

Might as well disappear when everything else fly

So exalt not in praises that strewn the pathway your life

Meaningless words with nothing to gain by

Your glory be to the true ones the step stone standby

Your innermost circle who laugh when you laugh

Cry the most when you cry at all

Cherish these loved ones with the feel utmost

Hold them tightly to your heart close!

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak