That One by Your Side


I can make you smile

The one that makes you crinkle your eyes

Darling you can’t stop me; I dare you do try

So darling do please

Please, don’t ever deny.


I can make you smile

I’ll hear all your unspoken words and I’ll make your favorite chai

We could also stalk your crush

Oh baby! I could be your spy!

I’ll even be your knight in shining armor

Totally kick ass any bad guys



Let’s dance

Let’s sing

When I’m a sorcerer, let’s just fly

Stay with me

Clutch close to my side

Even with sorrow that always seems so nigh

I’d still sit here with you, so close

I swear! Thigh to thigh


Now please hear me yet again

No rolling your eyes

No don’t sigh

I’ve told you once, heck repeat it yesterday thrice!

I don’t care about your comment; that is all a stupid lie

And please stop asking why

Oh stop, why you so wry?


Baby just believe

You’re the perfect cherry to my pie

Being for you complete my life

Having you is like always hitting bull’s-eye


By: Afifah Addnan, Perak

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