Not A Warrior!

She’s a perpetual worrier not
a warrior it seem!

Of everything and anything under the sky blooming

A song of deja vu into her ears ringing

The onset of dread in a cloak and dagger scene

Niggling worries her stomach’s inside churning

Rhyme or rhythm nor of reason any

She’s always, always worrying about something

Be it the most perfect situation but her niggle worms in

Into her worrying brain the seed nourishes into a tree

And of flowers and fruits plenty!

From A to Z she leaps a quick leap

A water strider’s skate and of thoughts skipping

The judge and executioner the case has its own closing

A story she tells and a story of her own ending

She lays herself a trap into which she falls in

A labyrinth so sprawling she’s lost in

Her mind so played up she’s never at peace

Be it that all that she has hoped and wished

Has materialised her eyes to be seen

Another boat of worries she will soon be clinging

Again to be thrown turbulent waters weighing

It’s her nature always to be worrying!

A second skin she’s dearly wearing

If only she believes in the natural course of things

Everything has its own place in this grand scheme

With the tides along she’d swim

Drown she will if against it with all her worrying!

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak