An unmutual feeling


You pass by me, your dress a blindingly bright yellow
Those frills of orange, curling and spreading out like a fiery flower
High up on that heavenly bed, framed by fluffy cotton
Going unnoticed as always, except by me

No one ever takes notice, of the radiance of your dress, of the soft bouncy curls in your hair
No one ever takes notice, of the gifts you give, all tied up in a golden, sparkly bow
Your daily gifts, given out without bias, without the slightest hint of preference
Are barely acknowledged, yet you do not seem to care in the slightest

You would always lend me one of your dresses for my gala nights
One not as bright as yours, yet carries your unmistakable scent
Silvery and glittery like a river bathed in the night
Wholeheartedly acknowledged, silently appreciated

You’ve never spoken to me, the two of us always sharing that silent acknowledgement
That unspoken connection, that unkindled yet always present spark
Maybe you don’t actually feel the same, maybe all this time I’ve been chasing after impossibles, improbables
Maybe it was all but blind hope painted over reality by my unknowing denial

By: Mi Chelle Cheah, Penang.