The Lake

To dream a blameless dream

A dream of the beauty I’m seeing

This picturesque lake so expansive

An overwhelmed admirer of a scene exquisite

The morning mist cast a blanket over the water sleeping

It gently dissipated to fold it’s covering

The waters of far borders a deep green

Of murky green the waters my feet dip

As the east rising sun shone its glowing

The golden rays reflect the lake’s surface to reveal

A treasure trove of diamonds sparkling

All mine for the scooping of a generous helping

High flying swallows swoop to the waters drink

Ripples of circles make as they sip

Blue eared kingfisher sits on his own eyeing his feed

A lone stork sifting the muddy banks for its meal

The far end a monitor lizard plunges in

A sumptuous feast for him waiting

The paddling tortoise of its head bobbing

A huge catfish surfaces a gasp of breathing

Then disappears into the murky bottom hiding

Fishes of shapes and shades varying

Slice slowly through the green brim a bite to eat

This wavy lake surrounded by limestone hills of caves many

Where the swifts their nest build

To be harvested by man of tall ladders climbing

Dusky leaf monkeys with their families scale the craggy hills

Monkeys of the Macaque variety swing the trees

In amidst all this activity

Dragonflies of iridescent colours whirring

Butterflies of purple and yellow fluttering

Such beauty was too much for me to drink in

My stroll around the lake was a pleasant think

The abundant exquisite footage my very being sink

Words are words they cannot describe my feeling

This flawless take of a picture make

The Perfect One’s great break!

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak