Hate Please Abate

A well run play the theater of fate

An unforgiving heart and a drama of hate

Tis easier to hold burning coals of simmering hate

Than a walkway of love’s soft petals laid

Lest this long running act a mellow end take

Where’s the drama this yawn, a tasteless plate

Hate, the adrenaline pumping with no abate

Of everything and anything no qualms berate

The ease with which hate like a glove tailor made

Weave in weave out a knit so comfortably drape

Of daily part and parcel an intricate partake

Busy busy termites the wooden heart gnawed away!

Embers of a fiery jaw a woodwork so frail

Held well an iron frame of unrelenting hate

The blacksmith of hate hammers away

A grid of complexities that wouldn’t fade

The artist with a mouthful of a bitter taste

A swish a swash of colourful spray

Qualities of high, of low, of different shade

Of which steadfast grip our character shape

Hearts of dark, faces ashen gray

Hearts of light of shining grace

The aisle of forgive and forget to pace

The heavy hate with love replace!


By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak