Ego Please Go


As do the leech suck the blood dry

So does the ego on relationships a blind eye

An unyielding strain that rain on simple problems to mystify

A staunch barrier the ego hurls for love to multiply

To nurture lasting bonds so wastefully destroyed

A thumping chest an extra mileage decried

In vain to betterment a trait so vile

Reasons so mindless the ego rely

A thousand answers to questions justify

Relief of deceive the ego falsify

Wilfully done to prove a point to satisfy

An ego so sly it fails to qualify

Its actions to break hearts taken by surprise

The fertile mind of conjuring thoughts wild

A jungle of vanities stupefy

Of past greatness the present to glorify

A trodden path strewn with torn threads of fine

An undone tapestry to an otherwise artful life

A simplistic approach to matters amplified

Kindliness of virtue a mind beautified

A forgiving thread to piece the patchwork our ego slice

The peace of a lifelong search decide

Great pains of humility imbibe!

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak