Of Poetry Born

From the bellies of pain excruciate

Born of poetry a cry liberate

Throes of distress verses cultivate

The hearts outing of feelings

Thru lines of expressed decorate

Rose tinted glasses a throw of faraway

A clearer seeing the lies fall our way

For the merciless hand of fate to keep my head

Under dark waters a breathless drown desolate

To surface free an enlightened meditate

The ways of the world be as it is, a masquerade

A simple mind a fight for a truthful face

Swim against tides of the thoughtless dominate

A deeper think for many of much enervate

Binds of superficial, knots of separate

Each to his own a scurrying rat race

Paining revelation of masks that dissipate

To the real world a push to emancipate

Of false hopes and of kindness anticipate

Without pain true lines may not resonate

The hearts pouring in words of great calm culminate!

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak