The Red Track

The stride has long begun,
Under the light of the moon and the Sun,

The leaves of the trees keep waving by,
As if they’re trying to voice out a hi,

The track seems never ending,
The colour so bright it’s blinding,

The sky tells you to keep moving,
The end is worth for your striving,

The monkeys ooh-ahhs from afar,
Soon night will come with the stars,

Daylight will come to an end,
The environment you try to comprehend,

You realize it’s all a cycle,
Occasionally comes an obstacle,

But this cycle is not forever,
For the end we cannot deter,

The ship of kindness you shall never abort,
For no-one knows this life is how short.


By: Anis Alfadino, Perak.

theredtrack (1).png