Six Kisses

The first is always brewed in the softest light

two butterflies gently touch

Outside, light travels on raindrops

Did it come from the moon, stars

or lonely streetlamps?

The sound of a tree branch breaking

was heard vaguely


The second sparkles in the darkened cabin

Carefully exploring the warmth of flesh

His hand swims into your hair

In the warming smiles, you no longer hear

the knocks of the cold, cold rain


In the third you never recall

the scenery that once traveled with you

He led you to the forest, darker than your long, black hair

You hesitate, whether to venture

or not, across the edge of his lips

As the fourth burns

where the streetlamps cannot witness


You did not return in time

Secrets of the fifth and sixth forever sunken

The rain and trees freeze suddenly

You watch the lights along the roads

from far to near, extinguished





by: Chiew Ruoh Peng, Selangor