Missing you

Dear darling
I miss the times we could freely say
“I love you” to each other.
Ever more freely express
the mixed feelings we had 
towards each other.


This love,
this love was free and open
as free as the birds in the sky can be
so free that it even makes the flowers
dance in the spring


I remember the days
we’d usually chatter away
like the wind that blows by
our conversations are a breeze
yet sometimes, a hurricane.


Dear darling,
I miss you. I miss the days we could freely say
“I love you” to each other.
When our hugs were so tight
this action spoke louder than those three words.
We were so close yet, now, ever so distant


That closeness which we once had
This love that united us
Gave me a hope for an everlasting warmth.
But now, only a silence between us
This distance, so close yet so far
now gives me chills.
Cold, like your shoulders with your back
turned against me.


I miss our conversations.
I missed the breeze
that kissed my cheek first thing in the morning.
You were the sun to my sky
brightening up my day before it began!


And now, you have become a memory,
leaving a void in this old, wretched heart of mine.
This is where I realised,
this star has died, leaving a black hole to create
this emptiness, sucking me of my whole.


Dear darling,
I miss the times we could freely say
“I love you” to each other.
If only these words could give me back
the life I once had, with you,
just having another conversation.
I will forever yearn for a love as warm as yours,
a love that shines brighter than the sun.


I will forever yearn,
to set me free.

By: Aaron J. Patrick, KL