But she waited

She waited 

She waited in the library, by the queen’s bench journals they once shared a kiss.

She waited alone, dreaming of the day they would live together in bliss.

She waited at the secret stairs, staring at the steps where they once shared a sin.

She waited in fear, slowly letting go of the has beens. 

She waited in the woodsy corner of the institute, where he once held her hand.

She waited so hopefully, like a foolish gambler waiting for her big grand.

She waited by the path, where they said goodbye in the rain.

She waited because she thought he would change. But a child, he always remained.

And as the leaves changed and the winds grew stronger,

He never changed, their hearts grew further. 

And when the rain poured heavier and the stars became darker,

She always waited but he became further.

And in summer of ’13, she waited on her birthday, they never once celebrated. 

She waited in tears, slowly realising that they were never fated.

He never came

He never came to the library, by the shelves he first saw her cry.

He never came to the stairs, he once shared a lie.

He never came to the trees, where he first saw her plead,

He never came to the path when he knew he was in need. 

He never came, for the fear of what she might say,

He never came, for his ego that rested at bay.

But know that she waited;she always did.

But he never came, and so she closed the lid.

She’s moved on but she hopes he would find his way,

And that in the future, she’ll be part of his day.


The girl who wore more skirts coz he told her to, KL.