A Tree


Show me a tree and I’ll show you shady boughs
On them the birds to take a needy pause

Flights of frenzy to catch the early worm
Wings of happy of the gentlest bone

Soft cushions lush laden limbs of leaves
Nests of twigs and dried foliage they build

Dotted eggs of fledglings sprout
Of anxious parents and first heights of flight

Show me a tree and I’ll show you solidity
The tree tall and strong of mastery

A trunk of spiral rings and a firm grip
Of sturdy roots the heart of the earth creep

As deep as deep can be the tree alive to keep
Moisture of life they thread to sip

Photosynthesis of leaves the very air we breathe
A continual cycle of unconditional love they give

Show me a tree and
I’ll show you a thick leafy spread
Squirrels, chipmunks and the occasional snake to rest

Of fruits and of nuts and a fest
And a hollow trunk to build their nest

From rainy showers and cold winds West
Winter long rest and a warm shed

To arise an extended shut eye afresh
An unspoken word of thank and a nod of bless

Show me a tree and I’ll show you God’s Love attest !
By : Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak