Silence of thoughts

The silence of the night hollow
An impression my head made on the pillow

My wandering mind with a lasso to train
To quietude the disquiet full my brain

My tired body to rest I lay my bed
Turmoil of daily strife at bay

A man of learning said after much thought
To listen to the sound furthest apart

To still our busy mind
A tinge of peace to unwind

I tried dearly with great attitude
To vanish a magical wand my thoughts multitude

Shake off the creeping tentacles
Water striding imagined strangle

Firstly the incessant chirping of crickets sounds
The far bark of a dog hound

Heaving trudge of lorries throng the highway
Mat Rempits daring their bikes away

As deeper and deeper my mind emptying
A distant waterfall its waters

To the sea to pour a rushing
It’s duties never of ending

Behold I can hear the skies grumbling
The mellow thundering of clouds shuffling

From their bellies bottom rumbling
Heavy with dew of generous sprinkling

There were no plays my mind enacting
No rewinding of words hurting

As my soul ascend to a realm mindless
I drifted into a slumber dreamless

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak