This Burden

A porter hoisting a mean luggage
Over his lean weary shoulders
Past bitterness she carries as a baggage
Heavy on her back like solid boulders

Trudged this load of supposed wrongdoing
As far as her remembrance
Smoldering fires she has been feeding
Logs of hateful vengeance

Play this Shakespeare’s tragedy
In her mind so repeatedly
Cleopatra she is naturally!
Her poison she feed herself ever so painfully

Rather she would trust in pretense
Than to let down her fragile defense
Thick wall around herself she builds of strength
As such she loses many a true friend

With this bothersome load
Tis a long hard climb
Slow are her steps on this rocky road
Held back by her useless grime

Try as she may to shrug off this pain
Her demeanor sweet on the outside
In vain it creeps to her back again and again
Simmering embers fuels her heart inside

Enlighten her my Beloved
Help her to forgive and forget
A step back she takes each time in her endeavor
To reach You , her misgivings beset

Guide her to walk forward
With Your magnimity in her stride
Your light shine her life onward
To diminish her wasteful pride

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak