The Gypsy’s Silver Ball

The gypsy’s magic ball floats up sublimely

To the skies of bleak ebony

Only the stars of far and far a dim twinkling

The hollow skies of echoes eerie

Dullness resonate the dark horizon bleary

Lo! the silver ball its rightful place take

A luminescent gathering of dancers partake

The translucent clouds and the far twinkling stars

A dance of the heavens herald an ethereal performer

In graciousness the moon ascend

A weaved veil of sheer a shy face hidden or not hidden

Shimmering gown of swirling clouds

Adorning the bashful maiden or not

Of silvery hues spears of Greek gods shine

Their chariots be the haloed clouds nimbus

As they race by, the war on darkness

The shy damsel hides behind silhouettes of mountain tops

Gently floats her entourage of stars and clouds

Yet again she hides behind limbs of trees of whispering leaves

Throughout the nights she hides behind the light

The more she hides the more she fades out

Her confidence she gathers a little a time

She shows herself her demureness discard

Emerge again her full face glowing her shyness gone!

The gypsy’s silver ball rules the raven skies once more

By Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak