The Eagle In Me

I wish the eagle to be

This prisoned heart to flee

Chains of strangling squeeze

Locks on dungeons of breed

The rules of living to breathe

Of edicts not of the books be

To fit the times of swift

Meanings of the books not freed

The further and further to recede

The original love is of deceive

Wandering souls on a meaningless spree

Distort the Creator’s immense bounties

That He is the One and Only

Who bestows His Love equally

To be shared by all of Nature truly

We’ll dream a dream an embrace of our fellow being

Of so secure our hearts brim

The infinite love of God’s purity

Our eyes shine with kindness of our unkind dividing

Flowers of the same garden of beauty

Of colours and make differently

Rivers that meander to meet

Together at the same Loving Sea!

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak