As Proud As a Peacock

The peacock struts a stately gait
His head held high a discerning gaze

At his surroundings a demeaning shake
A hoighty- toighty prideful frame

The idiom goes to be as proud as a peacock
Certainly said after much thought

The elegant display of his plumage
Our wealth the exact same paid much homage

The showing of material gains a subtle flaunt
For all to view of possessing more than our want

A devious taunt we gleefully throw
Match me if you can my obvious show

At first glance we see the peacock’s vainglory
We fail only too well to see his ugly feet

A harsh voice a torment to our gentle hearing
Is how the peafowl sound rather to his beauty

All that glitters is not gold as are the people proud
A shoddy soul in a wait to be found out

A cover of gold is not of any kindliness
The ugliness is bound to awake from its stylishness

We open our mouth to our possession in an array
To be realized an insecure one , thoughts in disarray

The pomposity an elaborate hiding
A desperate soul in a disguising!

By Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak